List of products by manufacturer Black Knight Supplements

Black Knight Supplements bring us the Medi-Evil Supplement range including Excalibur fat burner.

Medi-Evil from Black Knight Supplements are a UK based brand that solely focus on making the finest, most innovative performance products available on the market.

They source only the highest quality ingredients for their products and are at the forefront of performance sports nutrition product development. All of our products are tested thoroughly on average gym users, serious competitive bodybuilders and elite athletes who’s feedback is critical to the overall development of every product.

Our fist product Excalibur was a huge success from the minute it launched as a pioneering thermogenic weight loss aid, which allowed the user to control their cravings and sustain mood whilst participating in a healthy exercise and diet program as well as lose body fat.

The want to snack, and as a result the deflation of mood are the most common reasons for ending such a program. Excalibur also was one of the first products of its kind to offer a fully gelatin free product which is suitable for vegetarians, vegans and most religious groups.


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